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Step into your building design, long before it's built. Let buyers explore and personalize interior spaces.


How it works

Augmented & Virtual Reality Apps

for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

3D Model
Blueprint AR
Configure VR

We use your technical drawings and CAD or BIM models to create a highly-realistic and interactive model of your building.

With Blueprint AR, users can turn any blueprint or brochure into a 3D show case of your building's façade.

With Configure VR, users can walk through the interior spaces of your building. They can then personalize their future home or office.

Virtual Reality

“A tool that made our marketing and sales processes as superior as the materials we put in our buildings.”

Provide potential buyers with an immersive, 360° viewer of their future home or office.  Enable them to match it to their taste with your suppliers’ real materials, appliances, and furniture.

Visualize your buildings, on the map and in 3D.

Enable buyers to interact with the façade, explore the floor plan, and enter into a virtual walkthrough of available suites.

Augmented Reality

-Turns any blueprint or brochure into an interactive, 360° view of your building

-Enables the user to explore a cutaway floor plan with furnished interiors

Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality

-Turns any phone, tablet, or virtual reality headset into an interactive 360° viewer and configuration for your building.

-Enables you to configure your interior space

Virtual Reality

"Now, our sales process feels as superior as the materials that we put in our buildings."

Walk real estate buyers through your building's design and interior spaces. Have them personalize their future home or office with photorealistic models and textures of your suppliers' real

furniture, appliances, and materials.

Offer a sense of presence and perspective that visualizations and photos just can't achieve. Epistark's cross-platform Virtual Reality (VR) apps are the most powerful way to engage real estate buyers in a conversation about the place that they will one day live or work.

Turn technical drawings and marketing materials into an interactive showcase of your real estate projects.


Visualize your building designs in Augmented Reality (AR). Improve communication between architects, decision makers, and real estate buyers.

Augmented Reality

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